Friday, March 9, 2012

Furuno FCV 585 Standalone fish finder

The Furuno FCV 585 is a serious fish finder. Being a standalone machine allows for a simple and easy to use interface that features dedicated buttons and dials thus negating the need to fumble through layers of menus when changing common settings. The 8.4" Color LCD display is capable of displaying 256 fish and structure resolving colors even in full sunlight. Furuno's FDF enhanced digital filter facilitates excellent detection in deep and shallow water and suppresses main bang (echo immediately below the transducer) to less than 40cm making fish easier to read.                       The 585 also supports NMEA 0183 integration with your nav system thus allowing use of built in navigation screens and also the ability to mark structure found on the sounder to your GPS chartplotter. The 585 offers both 600 watt and 1Kw output which allows for a massive range of transducers to choose from. Furuno has even made a 1kw matching box available which will allow the use of separate high and low frequency transducers. This fish finder from Furuno makes a high end standalone fish finder both affordable and easy to use. Please feel free to contact Northern Marine Electronics with any questions you may have. 732-719-2227

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blackfishing the Sandy Hook Reef November 6 2011

After a showing up about 15min late for the striper bite on the edge of the Ambrose channel Bryan Krastins and I fished for about an hour with no results. When we showed up we were watching many of the boats in the fleet hookup and land multiple stripers. Disgusted with our near miss we headed off to the Sandy Hook Reef in search of Blackfish. While running toward to reef we were to cross paths with a wreck so we decided to stop and check it out with the Lowrance Structure Scan Sonar it looked like a nice piece and it showed very well on the down scan it is amazing how easy these wrecks are to miss when using only regular sonar. After scouting for 15 min we decided to mark the spot and comeback another day, we were going to stick with the plan we formulated the night before. After setting the anchor on a wreck we put down the crabs the first 15 min were slow Bryan was first to hookup with a 13.5 inch fish which we released quickly. As the tide began to slow the fish came out to feed for the next 1.5 hours we bailed the blackfish keeping two fish about 19 inches and releasing at least 50 others.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Looking for a New Multifuction Navigation Display

A customer recently asked us the following question:

"I'm looking for a chartplotter that I can add on to, something around 7 to

12 inch screen that has the capability to add AIS, radar and sounder
a little at a time. I'm was looking at around $2300 to $2700 for a budget..."

This was the response from one of our techs:

"We suggests the Simrad NSE8 Multifunction Display, part # AA010146. This unit has the capability to add, AI50 AIS Transponder, BSM-1 Broadband Sounder Module or the BSM-2 Broadband Sounder Module (with CHIRP technology, very cool), and LSS-1 Structure scan, which is an awesome add on if you are not yet familiar. This is right in your budget and is possibly the best unit currently available on the market today (and we sell all major brands). It has, hands down, the fastest processor of any Nav unit available. It's 20% brighter than all other major brands and it's ability to expand and upgrade the system is virtually limitless. It also has the ability to control a Simrad AP24 or AP28 Autopilot. There is an incredible low power BR24 radar available as well as Simrad TX06S High Power High Definition Open Array radar. It is Simnet compatible, NMEA 2000 compatible, NMEA 0183 compatible which allows for backward and forward compatibility with existing equipment on your boat that may or may not be Simrad. In addition, it is the only high quality display which offers side imaging capability with the LSS-1 Structure Scan.  It has a solid aluminum construction, no plastic whatsoever. The possibilities are endless. It really is the best thing on the market."

Send questions to me at

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Weather Blues

It the middle of January and it's dark just after 5:00. Another winter storm is working it's way across the country and getting ready to dump snow all over the NorthEast. The marina is frozen over so the native fisherman are getting restless. The striper will be here in March so everyone is counting the days before we can get back out on the water and catch a 40 pound striper. I completely understand. I traded in my heels and make up for a rod and a bunker spoon last summer. After catching a 42 pound striper with Tom Morford Jr. and Captain Hans Kaspersetz I'm hooked. Even getting sea sick can't keep me off the boat, and searching for birds on the horizon helps quite a bit. This is the perfect time of the year to clean your rods, replace the line if needed and rig your boat so you won't waste any time finding fish when the ice melts and the weather breaks. It's also a great time to read the fishing forums like Bloody Decks and check out what's new in the marine electronics world at Like all great things, they come to those who wait. And we have been waiting patiently for our new website to launch and it's almost time to cut the ribbon and open the doors. Our new website will be a great go to for the latest fishing videos from all the major manufacturers. One must see video is the Lowrance Structure Scan side scan & down scan sonar and the Flir night vision video. These camera's are great for fishing, hunting and overall night safety. The new NSE12 is also something worth checking out especially with the $300 dollar rebate currently being offered by Simrad. The NSE Series is a complete multifunction solution which even allows for full auto pilot control right on your display. Add radar and structure scan for the newest and most technologically advanced marine electronics package available. LED backlighting makes this screen viewable in any lighting condition.
If we don't get snowed in tonight, we will be heading to the New York boat show tomorrow. Tom Morford Jr. just can't seem to stay away, after spending so many years working as the NE Rep for Wellcraft & Monterrey Boats. Jennifer and Christine will take any opportunity to go the the big apple! If you are in the Atlantic City area Feb 2-6, be sure to stop by the boat show. We will be working with Aqualuma lights and Ocean View Technologies to promote their line of underwater lilghting and try out Ocean View's new low light imagers and fixed mount thermal imagers. We hope to see you there.
Did I mention it's cold....and snowing.....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ocean LED Amphibians

Have you seen the new Ocean LED Amphibians? Check out the Ocean LED website and all their cool videos then come back to for the best prices available, super fast shipping and unbeatable customer service. For assistance email
We recently had a customer who wanted to order 4 Ocean LED A12's for the back of his 30" boat. A12's are the largest in the line of Ocean LED Amphibians and emit an significant amount of light. After discussing his needs we came to find out two A12's would more than suffice for his needs. I know most people would have just sold him the lights and taken the profit but we at Northern Marine Electronics would rather make an honest deal and be the first person he calls next time he needs something for his boat instead of being a one hit wonder. After all if you own a boat chances this won't be the only purchase you make!
For purchases, click through to the checkout page to see your discounted price:

My favorite are the Ocean LED Amphibian A12 Super Blue Under Water Lights for $699.95
In stock-Ships within 24 hours=$699.96

Have a beautiful day!

Raymarine C80 vs E80

We sell marine electronics online( and on EBAY ( and offer free consultation for people who are wishing to upgrade or install new electronics on their boats. It's a lot of fun speaking with people all over the world and helping them meet their individual needs. We had an interesting question today. We have a client, John, looking to purchase a raymarine c80 system pack with the raymarine vhf218 marine radio ($1,816.95)( While Tom, our resident expert, was speaking with John, he mentioned that although the Raymarine C80's are not only an excellent value, perfect for single station small fishing & recreational vessels, they do not support video input. If John had ever considered installing any type or FLIR camera, cockpit camera, engine room camera, thermal imaging device, DVD player or any other video device, they would have to purchase a new display. They were indeed planning on installing a DVD player to watch on long trips and decided the Raymarine E80's were a better fit for their family.
I tell you Tom could talk boats & electronics all day long!
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Consultation,System Configuration& Integration,